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Standing exhibition

Entrance. Foto di Architetti Comes - Del Gallo


The standing exhibition is dedicated to Goethe's Italian Journey and his sojourn and working in Rome. The objects belong the the museum's own collection.

The visitor learns about the everyday life in the artist apartment on Via del Corso. Extracts from Goethe's letters and diaries on display as well as Tischbein's drawings and sketches of a happy and relaxed poet make it clear that Goethe's living situation in Rome was completely different from the one he left behind as a Minister of State in Weimar.

The exhibition of the Casa di Goethe throws a light on Goethe's personal enthusiasm for the fine arts. On display some of his Italian drawings and sketches but also works on antique architecture and sculpture as well as texts on his theory of colours.
Andy Warhol's Goethe portrait (1982) is certainly the exhibit's main eye-catcher. It was inspired by Tischbein's portrait of Goethe in the Campagna Romana. A copy of this celebrated painting is on display in the room where the original was painted more than 200 years ago - Tischbein's studio.
Last but not least the literary aspect. The last room is dedicated not only to Warhol's Goethe portait, but also to Goethe's works written or completed in Rome or inspired by the city.   Among them, Iphigenia, The Roman Elegies, Tasso, Egmont, Faust, The Roman Carnival and, of course, the Italian Journey .




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