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Sguardi sull'Italia - visions of Italy



 Visions of Italy – 1780-1850

Mahlerische Ansichten“ from the collection of the Casa di Goethe

6.10.2019 – 9.02.2020

From 6 October 2019 to 9 February 2020 the Casa di Goethe features "Visions of Italy – 1780-1850", a selection of rarely exhibited drawings and etchings from its very own art collection.  With landscape paintings and city panoramas, German, Italian, English and French artists of the 18th and 19th centuries tell their own vision of Italy.

One focus is on Christoph Heinrich Kniep (1755-1825), Goethe's travel companion to Sicily in 1787 where he also drew for the poet.  The Casa di Goethe recently acquired two large-sized sepia drawings by Ch. H. Kniep, which will now be presented for the first time, together with other works by the artist already in the collection.

An equally prominent position is occupied by the Panoramic Views of Rome, of which the museum owns a number of high-quality drawings and etchings; for example by English engraver Samuel Bellin (1799-1893) and the famous sculptor Eugène-Louis Lequesne (1815-1887), whose Rome panorama on display is a rarity in his work. A special jewel is the view of Piazza del Popolo and its surroundings, taken from a hot-air balloon and published by Louis Jules Arnout (1814-1868) around 1850 as a coloured lithograph.

Also on display are valuable etching cycles, for example by Balthasar Anton Dunker (1746-1807) after the model of Jakob Philipp Hackert (1737-1807), who in 1780 pictorially documented the surroundings of Horace’s Villa in the Monti Sabini Hills, and by Wilhelm Friedrich Gmelin (1760-1820), who in 1808 dedicated himself to the ancient monuments and landscapes of Tivoli.

Paestum, Pompeii, the Gulf of Naples and Sicily attracted the artists with their antiquities and scenic beauty: A section of the exhibition is dedicated to their works, including two rare drawings of the excavations in Pompeii by Berlin painter Eduard Magnus (1799-1872). Magnus was one of the most famous portraitist of his time. His further activity as a landscape painter is documented only by these Italian sketches belonging to the Casa di Goethe collection.

Also on display are etchings by Georg Hackert (1755-1805, brother of the famous Jakob Philipp Hackert), Francesco (1756-1810) and Giovanni Battista Piranesi (1720-1778).

The show takes the visitor to many places on Goethe's Grand Tour and follows the poet’s travel route through Italy. Works by artists from Goethe’s circle, as well as from later generations, testify the originality and thematic distinctiveness of the art collection of the Roman Goethe House.

O p e n i n g:

Sunday, 6th October 2019, 11.00 am
"Festa per un quadro" – Celebrating a painting 
In connection with the opening of the exhibition, the newly acquired painting "Allegory of Poetry and Painting" (1783) by J. H. W. Tischbein will be presented.
Speakers: Maria Gazzetti (Casa di Goethe), Hermann Mildenberger (Klassik Stiftung Weimar), Michael Thimann (University of Göttingen) and Duccio Trombadori (Rome, previous owner of the painting).
The opening will be part of the "Non farmi Muro! German Week in Italy” (an initiative of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Italy).

Topic-related p u b l i c a t i o n s (exhibition catalogues of the CdG, German and Italian):
Itaienische Landschaften der Goethezeit
Catalogue by Claudia Nordhoff, with an essay by Norbert Miller, 200 pages, 66 illustrations, 10 € (separate Italian edition), Casa di Goethe 2007
Casa di Goethe, Bestandskatalog
Catalogue by Claudia Nordhoff, with a foreword by Maria Gazzetti, 2 vol., 262 pages (vol. 1, 147 illustrations), 182 pages (vol. 2, 53 illustrations), 35 € (separate Italian edition), Casa di Goethe 2017
Die Entdeckung eines Gemäldes.
J. H. W. Tischbein, Allegorie der Dichtung und Malerei, Rom 1783
With contributions by Maria Gazzetti, Hermann Mildenberger, Michael Thimann and Duccio Trombadori, 55 pages, 14 illustrations, 10 € (separate Italian edition), Casa di Goethe 2019














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