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Costellazione 2




Constellation 2

Beuys: Italian Journeys
Finds of German stories while wandering around Rome

An exhibition of the Casa di Goethe curated by Giuseppe Garrera and Maria Gazzetti

10 November 2018 – 28 April 2019

From 10 November 2018 to 28 April 2019 Casa di Goethe presents "Constellation 2".
It is  the second exhibition with findings regarding stories of German people in Rome. The project, initiated by Giuseppe Garrera and curated together with Maria Gazzetti (director of the Casa di Goethe) has been conceived as a tribute to Walter Benjamin, to "Flânerie" and  collecting passion. The show is about the many stories, secrets, layers and human traces hidden in second hand shops, flea markets and antiquarians of any metropolis of the world..

The "Constellation" exhibition series is all about "German" findings in Rome – about the countless treasures saved by collectors, flaneurs and book lovers during their city strolls. Objects decluttered from the homes of German families, scholars and travelers. Just as in the Paris of Benjamin, there are still many bookstores, flea markets and resellers in the Italian capital, where libraries and household goods of passionate collectors may end up. The "Constellation" project is thus based on random discoveries in the Eternal City.

The second exhibition is dedicated entirely to the artistic work and Italian Journeys of Joseph Beuys (Krefeld 1921 – Düsseldorf 1986). Garrera found the objects, posters, postcards, invitation cards, memorabilia, publications, photographs regarding the German artist on Roman flea markets and second hand shops . Many of the photos reflect the enthusiasm that Beuys aroused during his public appearances in Italy. The exhibition focuses on his extraordinary relationship with the country. Especially Southern Italy, its culture and history, was an important source of inspiration for the artist. Between February and June 1943 the young soldier Beuys had been based in Foggia. It was not until 1971 that he returned to Naples for his first solo exhibitions - not without having read J.W. Goethe's Italian Journey beforehand.  From that year until 1985 Joseph Beuys returned frequently to Italy, also because of his strong friendship with the Neapolitan gallery owner Lucio Amelio. Through his performances, exhibitions, lectures and public discussions Beuys wanted to impart impulses for creative thinking and acting based on freedom and self-determination

Capri, Naples, Foggia, Rome, Venice and Bolognano are the Italian places where he has been publicly active with his exhibitions and performances. For the Italian audience he was a shaman, preacher, speaker, philosopher, teacher and artist. Beuys, who repeatedly referred to Novalis and the ideas of Romanticism, embodies for many Italians also the Romantic-German tradition in the classical sense.

The Beuys multiples on display belong to his mid- 1970s production and trace his Italian journeys as well as his artistic and political visions. They served the goal of making his aesthetic and political concepts accessible to a larger number of people. These objects, understood by Beuys as "vehicles of his ideas," are based on his expanded idea of art -meaning a whole new category of art itself, which encompasses every form of human creativity.

"I see myself," Beuys once said, "as an artist of the expanded concept of art, as a pioneer, as an enlightener of true relations in the world."

The musicologist, art historian and collector Giuseppe Garrera lives and works in Rome. Among other activities, he overseeds the master programme "Cultural Management" at the Business School "Sole 24".

Opening: Friday, 9 November 2018, 19.00-21.00

Accompanying publication (in Italian)
Storie di collezionisti da strada, approx. 30 pages, Casa di Goethe 2018

Publication available in the exhibition
Petra Richter, Joseph Beuys. Ein Erdbeben in den Köpfen der Menschen. Neapel Rom 1971-1985, Richter Verlag, Düsseldorf 2017.

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